Expand your horizons with EXPANDO T from Blum

EXPANDO T fixing method revolutionizes furniture design by offering seamless hardware integration into thin fronts. Ranging from wall cabinets, doors, and drawer pull outs, EXPANDO T allows you to minimize panel thickness in all your applications to achieve a modern, sleek look. All while offering Blum‘s known quality and reliability. Elevate living spaces aesthetic with the future of furniture, EXPANDO T.

Blum’s new attachment system for thin fronts is based on EXPANDO T technology. Assembly is simple — drill, insert and secure the screws. With sufficient stability and strength, front materials of 8-14 mm may be used.

Assembly, adjustment and removal

Assembly is easy, first drill a 10 mm diameter hole that is just 6 mm in depth. Hinge cup drilling is no longer required for hinges. Attachment positions stay the same for lift and box systems.

A steel pull-in anchor ensures a secure fit for harder materials, while plastic jaws secure the fit for softer materials.

EXPANDO T assembly

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