Duo A 22 Automatic Air Assist Airless Spray Gun from Krautzberger

The DUO A 22 from Krautzberger introduces a new approach to air-assisted airless spraying technology, focusing on efficiency and precision. This tool features a patent-pending air control system for optimal performance and a spray pattern that minimizes overspray while maximizing material use. It is designed for ease of maintenance, with large air and material channels and a simple, quick-change needle seal pack. The air cap can be adjusted in 45° increments, facilitating flexible application. Weighing 770 g with an adapter and compact in design, the DUO A 22 is suitable for various settings, particularly in automated coating systems. Its technical specifications include a height of 72 mm with an adapter, and it supports a maximum spray medium pressure of 250 bar. Connections for material, control air, and atomizer air are standardized, ensuring compatibility with various systems. The DUO A 22’s design prioritizes operational efficiency, maintenance simplicity, and reliable performance in professional coating applications.

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