Salice Unveils PIN HANG – A Versatile Display Storage System for Clothing and Accessories

July 18, 2023- Salice, a pioneer in innovative furniture solutions, introduces the latest addition to its highly versatile Pin family – the Pin Hang display storage system. This new product variation offers a seamless and functional arrangement for clothing and a diverse range of everyday items.

Pin Hang boasts an elegant design and aesthetic refinement, making it suitable for accommodating coats, scarves, hats, and various accessories while ensuring neat and tidy storage with easy accessibility.

Similar to other members of the Pin family, such as Pin Wine, Knife, and Shelf, the assembly of the Pin Hang system is remarkably easy, quick, and intuitive. The ingenious fixing system allows for effortless movement and positioning of the Pin brackets, ensuring a robust and stable installation.

The system’s versatility makes it suitable for various room settings, including entrance halls, living spaces, bathrooms, kitchens, and offices, meeting the diverse daily needs of users. The Pin Hang system can be arranged both vertically and horizontally, providing endless possibilities for adapting to different room configurations and spaces.

Available in aluminum or titanium finishes, the Pin Hang system can be surface-mounted or recessed into wood-based panels. A soft touch effect applied to both finishes optimizes functionality by acting as a non-slip coating, ensuring secure and stable storage of items on the brackets, guaranteeing excellent stability.

With the introduction of Pin Hang, Salice continues to redefine storage solutions, offering a stylish and practical option to keep clothing and accessories organized and easily accessible in any space.

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