ACMOS 100-2450 Release Agent

The ACMOS 100-2450 is a release agent tailored for edge banders to prevent adhesives from adhering, especially in woodworking involving hot melts. When applied, it ensures glues don’t stick to components like glue pots and assists in lubricating tools, brushes, and rollers. Suitable for hard-to-reach areas due to its spray application, it is also an anti-static agent. Key usage areas include infeed fences, pressure rollers, and copy wheels to deter unwanted glue accumulation.

Release agents like ACMOS 100-2450 are vital in edgebanding as they prevent adhesive residue on tools and surfaces. They reduce production downtime by preventing time-intensive clean-ups, prolong equipment life by minimizing glue buildup, and ensure high-quality finishes by negating adhesive residues and surface imperfections.

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