Zeller + Gmelin to Release Extensive Portfolio of Wood Release Agents

An industry leader for industrial lubricants, Zeller + Gmelin, will be releasing a broad range of wood release agents to attendees at LIGNA, the world’s leading woodworking fair, in May. The lubricant specialist business will support the wood industry as a whole. Release agents serve as an important part of the manufacturing process of OSB, MDF, and fibreboards. Zeller + Gmelin has been serving manufacturers of wood-based panels in production and application for many years. “Under the brand name Multiboard, we have a wide selection of high-quality release agents for the woodworking industry in our range,” said Markus Mühleisen, product manager of Wood Release Agents at the company.

The company’s new line of wood release agents in their Multiboard range is developed to fit the specific manufacturing process requirements of the buyer. These products will be separate from the independent gluing system. This new Multiboard FP 1500 portfolio will abide by the specifics of the wood-based panel sector.

The wood release agents are mainly used in the industrial production of MDF boards. According to Zeller + Gmelin, the release agents have superb wetting properties and excellent storage capabilities. The products are free of substances that interfere with lacquer wetting and are applied via spraying through rotor application. “With this product, our customers benefit from first-class separation performance, where even the smallest application quantities are sufficient,” noted Mühleisen.

(Pictured: Multiboard FP 1500 in the manufacturing process)

Zeller + Gmelin will be featuring a variety of their lubricant products at the LIGNA 2023 trade show. One of the other popular products the company will be showcasing is its Multiboard Strand 2001, a highly durable and efficient for the wood industry and used in the production of OSB panels. The company’s Multiboard Strand 2300 is another product they’ll be highlighting, which is a water-soluble concentrate wood release agent and is applied using spray or roller applications.

As an independent, family-owned business, Zeller + Gmelin now has over 1000 employees worldwide and serves 80 countries. Their high-quality release and lubricant solutions have allowed the business to occupy a leading role internationally and their effort to reduce their global footprint has awarded them the respect of being referred to as a “climate-neutral site”.

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