Working Together: Summer Issue Note from the Editor

Grace Tatigian

While there is a lot of competition in business, working together can bring you just as far. This is a topic that keeps coming up again and again: collaboration. In our weekly e-digest, weve written stories about partnerships and clusters because thats what people want to talk about. And then, in an unrelated conversation about technology, Frank Horvath, Director of Sales and Marketing of FSTool, said something that struck home with me: Were all integrators. He said it concerning automation and robotics, but it reminded me yet again of how we work better when we work together. 


Why am I talking about this? Because we make this magazine for you, and so we want to make sure you feel represented. Part of MediaEdges strategy in taking over Wood Industry is to bring in new contributors and writers to help us with our fresh start. So far, weve been thrilled with our contributors who have offered some expert advice in their fields, but were hungry for more.


Weve had contributors from all across the country in all kinds of specialized fields within the industry. From law to marketing and education, were pleased to share news and information from various sources, all relating to our shared industry: secondary wood products.


If you have thoughts or opinions related to woodworking, we want to hear them and share them. If you have exciting news – be it products, press releases, or pictures – we want to know about whats going on with you and your business. Were doing our best to reach out to everyone we can, but only you know whats coming up for your company. Let us help you break the news to the community with our quarterly print magazine and weekly e-digest.


If you have a pitch, an idea, or some content you want us to share, please let us know. We would love to learn more about what youre doing and how we can work together. We can discuss whether your content is better suited for our print or online platform. Regardless of whether you want to contribute regularly or just the one time, we can make something work.


We hope you enjoy what youve read so far and are inspired to jump into the conversation. Not a writer? No problem; thats what editors are for. Were more than happy to work with you to find the best way to tell your story. Our e-digest is where we share the latest news, updates, and time-sensitive information. That might be our AWMAC finalist profiles leading up to the awards gala, WMS tradeshow updates, and government news on relevant topics like apprenticeship training for cabinetmakers.


Reach out to me at, and we can get to know each other and learn how we can work with one another to create a magazine that represents you and your business. How we can make a magazine and an e-digest that you look forward to reading and sharing with other community members. Because thats what we are: a community.

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