WoodWorks Innovation Network Expands into Canada Via CWC Partnership

The WoodWorks Innovation Network (WIN) has partnered with the Canadian Wood Council (CWC) in an effort to expand into Canada with more projects. As a leading organization for the Canadian wood industry, The CWC is constantly seeking ways to educate North Americans about the sector and supporting it through leadership initiatives and accelerating market demand for wood products. This new partnership between WIN and CWC has made it possible to expand WIN into Canada and will act as a full-service resource for individuals looking to learn more about mass timber in Canada.

Our partnership with the Canadian Wood Council will increase WIN’s usefulness as a resource for developers and AEC firms considering their own mass timber and light-frame wood projects,” said Jennifer Cover, WoodWorks’ president and CEO. “WIN was created to be a hub where anyone can see what’s being built, network with experienced teams, and find potential partners for future projects. This expansion will give users more insight into the tremendous market activity we’re seeing in Canada as well as the U.S., allowing them to leverage an ever-growing network of projects and professionals.”

There is significant momentum in progressing mass timber and tall-building projects forward in the country. WIN is a professional online platform that offers resources for design and construction professionals seeking support and ideas on how to incorporate sustainable wood products into their upcoming projects. This new partnership is anticipated to provide Canada with an opportunity to highlight the woodworking and mass timber industry and innovation in wood building design.

WIN and CWC share an understanding of the importance of showcasing the importance of building with wood. “Every year, 17,000 buildings constructed with other materials could be built with wood. In most cases, it costs about the same to build with wood, and yet the environmental benefits are significant. Building with innovative wood products from sustainable, properly managed forests is a relatively easy way to alleviate a sizable amount of U.S. carbon emissions,” noted Cover.

Users can utilize the WIN map to search for ongoing projects in the industry and the teams behind them.

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