Woodworking Manufacturing Month Toolkit


The Marketing Toolkit has been released for the IWF Woodworking Manufacturing Month. The first-ever celebration of woodworking technology and innovation launches in October 2021. 

Woodworking Manufacturing Month (WWMM) is created by WMIA and WMMA and produced by IWF to draw attention to your company’s products, services, and innovations and promote the vitality of our industry — supporting recruitment and investment. 

Under the banner Woodworking Manufacturing: Experience Innovation, Woodworking Manufacturing Month will celebrate woodworking industry vitality on two parallel tracks: A national awareness and outreach campaign operating in tandem with local grassroots programming initiated by participating manufacturers.

In continuous operation for more than a half-century, IWF is one of the world’s top events serving the custom and general woodworking industries with extensive penetration in specialty sectors, including architectural woodwork; cabinetry; flooring; furniture manufacturing; engineered products; doors and windows; machinery, tools and metals; plastics; and more.

IWF has made participation in WWMM simple and easy. Participating companies will be part of a national advertising and promotional campaign. It includes exposure on IWF’s website, in dedicated emails, and social media channels—including direct links to your website. 

Your WWMM Marketing Toolkit includes logos, email templates, digital banner ads, promotional ideas, and more—just about everything you need to run your own programs and be part of the large IWF-produced national campaign. These ready-to-use marketing tools allow you to develop your own local promotions that leverage the momentum developed by the national campaign. To see the full toolkit, go here.

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