Woodworking Jobs Among New Additions to Ontario’s Immigration Stream

The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) has announced a significant expansion of its In-Demand Skills Stream, adding 35 new occupations to the list of eligible jobs for permanent residency. This brings the total number of eligible occupations to 56, effective from July 1, 2024.

Notably, several occupations related to the wood manufacturing industry are now included in the program. These additions are poised to benefit the sector by addressing labor shortages and attracting skilled workers from abroad. Key occupations relevant to the wood industry now eligible under the program include:

  • NOC 94120 – Sawmill Machine Operators
  • NOC 94123 – Lumber Graders and Other Wood Processing Inspectors and Graders
  • NOC 94124 – Woodworking Machine Operators
  • NOC 94211 – Assemblers and Inspectors of Other Wood Products

This development aligns with the industry’s need for specialized labor, providing a new avenue for businesses to recruit qualified professionals. Employers in the wood manufacturing sector can now offer permanent residency as an incentive to attract skilled workers, enhancing workforce stability and productivity.

The expanded list is part of Ontario’s efforts to meet the demands of its growing economy and support industries facing labor shortages. To qualify for the OINP In-Demand Skills Stream, applicants must have a full-time job offer in one of the eligible occupations, meet specific wage requirements, and possess at least nine months of work experience in Ontario.

For wood manufacturers, this change not only eases the recruitment process but also contributes to the industry’s growth and sustainability by ensuring a steady influx of skilled labor. As the sector continues to evolve, these measures will play a crucial role in maintaining its competitiveness and meeting production demands.

For more information on the new list of occupations and eligibility criteria, visit the official announcement​ (Immigration News Canada)​.


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