Wood repair patching system fills knots and cracks

The RfsProtech DRS 300 wood repair system from Ogden is said to be a simple patching system that fills defects such as knots and cracks with minimal waste of the patching material.

Using laser cross hairs, the wood parts are positioned under the injection head, according to the defect location.

The hot patch solution is injected with pressure into the defect. The system is easy to operate, a high-pressure injection head fills all voids and a durable filling compound can be stained and finished.

The chilled platen cools and cures filler in seconds, the company says. Units are available with one- or two-colour injection heads with an optional scanner.

Machine specifications include:

  • 2 ft minimum length;
  • 12 in. maximum width;
  • a 90 psi air supply; and,
  • an approximate shop footprint of 72 x 60 x 60 in.
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