Wood-Mizer LX50START Portable Sawmill

The Wood-Mizer LX50START Portable Sawmill is an exceptional value starter sawmill. It boasts a strong steel frame and durable laser-cut steel bed, ensuring robustness and durability. This sawmill is equipped with a reliable 9.5HP KOHLER gas engine, providing consistent power for sawing logs into lumber, slabs, and more. Its capabilities include handling 26” diameter logs, offering a 23-1/2” width of cut, 8” depth of cut, and 10’ 2” length of cut.

The LX50START stands out with its rectangular throat design, enabling full-width sawing at any depth. It also allows for sawing longer logs with optional 4’ 4” bed extensions. Adding to its strength and stability, it features diagonal bed crossbars. User convenience is enhanced with features like efficient quick-set log handling, high-performance blade guide rollers, gravity-fed blade lubrication, a convenient sawdust port, and a quick up/down sawhead. These features collectively provide a user-friendly sawing experience. The LX50START’s performance, combined with Wood-Mizer’s industry-leading reliability, makes it a top choice in its class for portable sawmills.

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