Wood Backing Connector

Simpson Strong-Tie

Simpson Strong-Tie has introduced the WBAC wood backing steel connector designed to eliminate alignment issues and reduce installation time in connecting wood backing to cold-formed steel (CFS) studs. An all-in-one wood-to-CFS connector for interior and finish applications, the WBAC provides a solution ideal for heavy wall hangings like cabinets, shelves, and handrails. Fabricated from G90 galvanized steel and available in two sizes to fit 1 ¼-in. and 1 5/8-in. or 2-in. flanges, the WBAC attaches easily to either grade lumber or 5/8-in. fire-rated board, and it can be used to quickly and easily attach wood components to either drywall or structural cold-formed steel studs using #8-18 modified truss-head screws.

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