WMIA 2023 Wooden Globe Nominations Now Open


The Woodworking Machinery Industry Association (WMIA) opened the submission process for its 2023 Scholarship program as well as opened its 2023 Wooden Globe nominations.

The Association also announced that its Chairman of the Board, Pascal Doucet presented Chrysabella Chagnon with her 2022 WMIA scholarship during a visit at l’École nationale du meuble et de l’ébénisterie.



Every year, the WMIA honors excellence among woodworking companies by presenting the annual Wooden Globe Awards in several categories: Educator of the Year, Commitment to Excellence through Technology, Eco-Alternative Wood Product of the Year, Executive of the Year, and Woman in Woodworking.

Nominators and award winners will have a chance to showcase a successful customer and/or company product(s) before the Woodworking Industry Conference (WIC) attendees and gain coverage in industry publications. The nominator for each winning entry will also have the opportunity to personally present the award to their nominee at the awards ceremony – in this case WMIA will pay the WIC registration fee and travel expenses for the nominators and winners. For the first time, self-nominations are now allowed.

Awards Descriptions

  • Educator of the Year:

The “Educator of the Year” award acknowledges an educational institution or company with a structured curriculum tailored to training individuals for careers in the woodworking industry. This must include hands-on training on high-technology machinery supplied by one or more WMIA-member companies. This must extend beyond training individuals for a single company. These recipients are advocates for the industry, and work to enhance the lives of others by sharing the opportunity and knowledge of the wood industry.

  • Commitment to Excellence through Technology:

The “Commitment to Excellence through Technology” award seeks to recognize companies that continuously invest in the most recent woodworking machinery technology. The recipients of this award are companies that provide a shining example that continued investments in high technology machinery provide the necessary competitive advantage to compete successfully in today’s global market.

  • Eco-Alternative Wood Product of the Year:

The “Eco-Alternative Wood Product of the Year” award is presented to a company that currently produces a unique and creative product which showcases the beauty and appropriate use of wood materials, with a focus on sustainability, using high technology machinery supplied by one or more WMIA-member companies Examples: watches, sunglasses, skis, cutlery, technology cases for phones and tablets, canoes, etc. Products that are produced using eco-friendly wood material in place of man-made materials.

  • Executive of the Year

The “Executive of the Year” award recognizes leaders in the woodworking industry who hold a C-level, president, owner, partner, director, or other executive position. Candidates can be drawn from any industry sector including but not limited to manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, or any individual who have contributed to the growth of the woodworking industry.

  • Woman in Woodworking

The “Woman in Woodworking” award is presented to women who have demonstrated excellence in leading, motivating, and utilizing technology and innovation within the woodworking industry with hands on experience. The nominee has had an impact within the industry as well as providing leadership and mentorship. Women from manufacturing, importing, and/or distribution companies are eligible.

All finalists will be required to make a short presentation on a teleconference with the Awards Committee. Please provide all the necessary information. Doing so will provide your nominee with the best possible chance at winning. For criteria and additional information, visit the website.

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