WMCO Announces Second Funding Cycle for Digital Integration in Ontario’s Wood Manufacturing Industry

The Wood Manufacturing Cluster of Ontario (WMCO), in collaboration with the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (FedDev Ontario), is pleased to announce the launch of the second round of funding dedicated to supporting digital integration within the wood manufacturing sector in Ontario. This initiative aims to facilitate the adoption of digital technologies, thereby enhancing productivity and innovation among Ontario’s wood manufacturers.


Funding Round Overview

Following the closure of the initial round, WMCO is now accepting detailed project plans from its members for activities scheduled between April 1, 2024, and February 28, 2025. This funding cycle is designed to support 18 projects, offering to cover up to 45% of eligible costs, with a cap of $45,000 per project. Applicants are advised to include a comprehensive breakdown of all project-related expenses to accurately reflect the investment scope. It is important to note that applications will be processed on a first-come-first-served basis.


Submission Guidelines

The deadline for project plan submissions is March 18, 2024. WMCO members interested in applying can find the project plan template and eligibility criteria here. This funding opportunity represents a significant step for wood manufacturing companies in Ontario towards enhancing their operations through digital technology.


Future Funding Rounds

Looking ahead, WMCO plans to conduct a final funding round from April 1, 2025, to February 28, 2026, supporting an additional 22 projects, including two projects at a reduced budget. This approach demonstrates WMCO’s commitment to accommodating a diverse range of project scopes and sizes.


Application Process

Companies in the wood manufacturing sector seeking to utilize this funding opportunity are encouraged to pursue membership with WMCO. Detailed information on membership and the application process is available on the WMCO website. For submission of project plans and expressions of interest, please direct your correspondence to mbaker@wmco.ca and mpetrie@wmco.ca.

This funding initiative underscores WMCO’s dedication to advancing the digital transformation of Ontario’s wood manufacturing industry, positioning it for greater efficiency, competitiveness, and sustainability in the global marketplace.


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