WinLine Numerical Control Multi-Centre


WinLine is Biesse’s new CNC machining center for the production of doors and windows, designed for artisans and small industries aiming to increase production and for medium and large enterprises who need to produce small batches of unusual size or remakes. This CNC system produces standard and special doors and windows with the utmost simplicity while the operator handles other tasks; the machine only takes up a small area and handles the loading, unloading, and positioning of pieces autonomously and with extreme precision.

Multi-centers for WinLine doors and windows are modular and can be integrated into multiple cells. A competitive advantage that makes Biesse’s solutions beneficial for large companies focused on long-term investment. Machining without direct supervision is complemented with automatic loading and unloading systems expandable solutions that meet production types and volumes dictated by the market.

The double electrospindle allows for all changes with no downtime, regardless of the working cycle. The two spindles, placed on either side of the carriage, take turns tooling; one changes the tools while the other works.

The WinLine configuration with only a 5-axis operator group is extremely compact, designed to best adapt to any production environment. The 21.6 kW 5-axis milling unit is extremely powerful and rigid, guaranteeing high removal rates and compact dimensions, ensuring very high finishing standards.

The worktable was specifically designed for door and window applications. A section of the worktable is dedicated to linear processing and a second to manufacturing custom windows and doors (arches, hollow-core doors, squaring).

Finger Clamps enable optimal clamping of the component. Even the shortest workpiece is always secured using two clamps.

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