Wickham, Québec Hardwood Flooring Manufacturer, Adds Minority Shareholders

Québec’s Wickham Hardwood Flooring recently announced the approval of the addition of minority shareholders to their business. The declaration was revealed by the principal owner and CEO of the company, Jean-Pierre Nittolo and he was pleased to add that the new shareholders will be Wickham favourites, Paul Rezuke and Derick Roy. Nittolo headed the acquisition of Wickham in 2009 with five other shareholders and implemented the company’s expansion into its signature product, wooden flooring.

Rezuke has been working with the hardwood company for over two years as the United States vice president of sales. He was responsible for elevating Wickham’s presence in America, guiding customers in selecting the ideal wood product and flooring type for their needs, and supporting the Wickham brand in a variety of ways. At the time of Rezuke’s hiring, the company’s sales in the U.S. represented less than 50%. This year, American sales are expected to rise to around 65%.

Roy has been loyal to Wickham since 2017 when he started his tenure with the company as a North American sales representative. Since then, he has advanced in his career, transitioning from sales manager to marketing director and finally as the director of Canadian sales in 2022. Roy has contributed greatly to Wickham’s growth in Canada as well as in the U.S. According to Nittolo, Roy has actively proven himself to be an apt sales manager and possesses ideal operational skills to progress Wickham into the future.

These new owners bring a dedicated commitment to the long-term stability of Wickham Hardwood Flooring,” Nittolo stated. The shareholders came into effect on April 27, 2023. Wickham Hardwood Flooring has offered accessible, premium hardwood floors for over 30 years. Each of their flooring, moulding, stain, and maintenance products are Canadian-made. 100% wood, their flooring products are also Vertima-certified which ensures sustainable production and building methods. Wickham also boasts the following of their products:

  • Safe, non-polluting product
  • Using scrap wood by turning it into wood pellets for heating
  • Packaging made of recycled materials
  • Developing products from renewable materials
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