Why Digital Printing May Just be the Solution to an Industry Dilemma

David Smith

In an era increasingly influenced by calls for sustainable practices, advancements in AI, and soaring inflation rates, the race for companies to adapt is both a necessity and a challenge of unprecedented proportion. As industries worldwide grapple with the growing pressures of these influential factors, digital printing emerges as a transformative technology in the manufacturing sector, specifically wood production. This article explores how digital printing is not only meeting the demands of modern design but also driving forward eco-friendly practices in an industry historically reliant on natural resources.


Sustainable solutions

Manufacturers worldwide are increasingly recognizing the importance of adopting eco-friendly practices while leveraging cutting-edge technologies to streamline operations and enhance product offerings. As such, digital printing technologies which offer the aesthetic appeal of traditional hardwood while promoting environmental preservation are emerging as a viable solution.

One company that has already successfully implemented digital printing into their framework is Garnica, a leading manufacturer of premium sustainable plywood. Their revolutionary digital print technology recreates highly coveted veneer designs on a poplar plywood platform sourced from fast-growing European tree farms. This innovative approach not only delivers stunning and realistic aesthetics but also addresses the industry’s growing demand for sustainable materials while promoting responsible forestry practices. By opting for this unique alternative, architects and designers can reduce their reliance on exotic hardwood, thereby contributing to the conservation of precious natural resources.


Quality and Scalability

One of the most compelling features of digital printing on plywood is the exceptional consistency and quality, transcending traditional material limitations. The technology also enables scalable production, offering unparalleled flexibility for projects of any size or scope, from large applications in commercial projects to smaller, custom orders. This scalability enhances the versatility of the product, helping to meet diverse market needs efficiently.



Limitless Potential

Highly durable and customizable, digitally printed plywood is well suited for a range of projects including furniture and décor, kitchen cabinetry, walls, and ceilings. This technology enables architects and designers the flexibility to create bespoke designs, from intricate patterns to personalized branding elements, expanding creative boundaries.


Cost Efficient Solutions in an Uncertain Economy

As inflation rates soar across North America, architects, designers, and their clients are eager to embrace sustainable building materials that will help reduce expenses. Digital printing offers a viable solution by streamlining the manufacturing process and eliminating the need for costly hardwood veneers, offering a more affordable solution without compromising on quality or performance.


Looking Ahead

Digital printing represents a groundbreaking step forward in the journey toward sustainability, technology, and cost efficiency in manufacturing. As the industry continues to evolve, digital printing stands at the forefront, championing sustainability, efficiency, and innovation. This technology is setting new standards for what’s possible in design and production, paving the way for a more sustainable and creative future that challenges precedent and pushes boundaries.



David Smith is the President of Garnica’s North American Division and brings over 28 years of industry expertise to his role. Prior to joining Garnica, he held senior positions at EGGER Group and Arclin USA, later founding The David Smith Group, a consulting firm focused on sustainable building materials.

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