Weinig Holz-Her North America Releases Latest Software Programs That Improve Efficiency

The industry leader in solid wood and panel manufacturing, Weinig Holz-Her North America’s digital business development team unveiled the latest version of two advanced software programs. The programs, MillVision and Labeler, were customized for the company’s Manufacturing Automation Platform Suite (MAP Suite).

The MillVision software delivers seamless workflow with the WEINIG MAP suite software and reduces human error significantly by reducing the need for organization by the user. This is completed via the user’s uploaded data. Formulated in 2001, the technology was revolutionary for its time in the manufacturing and construction industry as it accelerated efficiency in wood workshops. The modernized version of MillVision’s software is determined to expand its capabilities with an intuitive interface. Its Labeler program allows the user to choose the data for the company’s component labels to ensure that each job is grouped appropriately for efficient assembly and shipment. It also allows for a custom design for parts, panels, and assembly labels, and can create labels to easily identify parts through the machining processes.

Software That Revolutionizes 

MillVision’s updated software eliminates the user interface and applies its own job boundaries to increase production yield and reduce production time interchangeably. Together, MillVision and Labeler work with rip and cross-cut saws and LuxScan technology while also alleviating production stressors by ensuring any output stays in place. The operator will no longer have to manually measure components and support the user in selecting jobs, dimensions, and print labels on the machine while illustrating where to correct the label to the panel. The Labeler program keeps an accurate account of all components, assists in arranging by cart and slotting, and develops a new id and cart number while developing labels with unique specifications for the components.

Beyond Labeler, MillVision offers other advanced software programs including JobView and Pack. JobView offers the real-time status of orders as they’re processed and the operator of the software can view scheduled jobs and mark the completion of each role with ease. The Pack software manages raw lumber inventory and generates reports for a variety of criteria from inventory volume, to the cost of goods and more.

Former Weinig Holz-Her North America technician-turned-coder formulated the MillVision software for the company to address common issues associated with shop production. Since its development, the software has advanced its capabilities to work with intelligent automation for each production role. After over 20 years, MillVision software is now equipped with over nine innovative applications to modernize woodworking technology and machinery.

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