Weinig Holz-Her Canada Transitions to a Direct Sales Model

Weinig Holz-Her Canada (WHHCA), a prominent leader in solid wood and panel processing solutions, has announced a strategic shift in its sales approach within Ontario. The company has transitioned from a dealership sales model to a direct sales approach. This significant change is designed to provide customers with direct access to the manufacturer, ensuring a more seamless and efficient purchasing process. The shift will enhance WHHCA’s presence in Ontario, allowing the company to address the diverse needs of its customers more effectively.

By adopting a direct sales model, WHHCA aims to offer greater flexibility and increased transparency throughout the selling process. Customers will benefit from direct access to sales, just like they already do for parts, service, and support, creating a more integrated and responsive customer experience. To support this new model, WHHCA has appointed industry veteran Paul Eilender as its first direct account manager in Ontario, with a specific focus on the Holz-Her product line.

Ken Ellston, Director of Sales and Service at WHHCA, emphasized the advantages of this strategic shift: “We believe this strategic shift will not only benefit our customers but also position us for continued growth and success in Ontario and Canada. Our goal is to build stronger relationships with our customers by providing them with the best possible experience. Ellston adds, “Buying a machine is not just a purchase, you are entering a partnership. With the direct sales model, we can engage with our production partners starting right from the selling process.”

In addition to this change, WHHCA is excited to announce the opening of a new facility in the Greater Toronto Area. Scheduled to open in the fall, this facility will serve as WHHCA’s Ontario office and showroom. This new location will enhance the company’s operations and customer service capabilities, providing a central hub for sales, demonstrations, and product support. The facility will also be a key feature of the yearly WTD event, highlighting WHHCA’s commitment to innovation and excellence in the industry.

Moreover, WHHCA’s facility in Laval, Quebec will remain in full operation and continue to serve and support the woodworking industry across Canada. This continued presence ensures that WHHCA can maintain its high standards of sales, service, and support across multiple regions.




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