Waxilit 22-74: Silicone-Free Table Lubricant for Precision Woodworking Machinery

Waxilit 22-74, developed in close collaboration with leading woodworking machine manufacturers, is a tried-and-tested solution meeting the exacting standards of both machinery and processed wood. An indispensable asset in modern woodworking, it is a ready-to-use lubricant for moulder beds, planer beds, saw applications, and more. With its proven ability to reduce sliding friction, prevent sticking, and enhance material feed, Waxilit 22-74 stands as a versatile lubricant essential for various wood processing machinery. Specifically designed to minimize friction and improve cuts, it accommodates wood sliding over metal, wood, and plastic surfaces, particularly in machinery equipped with automatic feeders. Compatible with a variety of wood types, including resinous woods, Waxilit 22-74 offers numerous benefits, such as preventing unwanted wood damage, ensuring a smooth production process by preventing blockages, and being silicone-free—guaranteeing no residue that could affect post-treatment processes like painting, staining, and gluing. Additionally, its biodegradable composition aligns with environmentally friendly standards.

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