Waxilit 22-2411: Ultimate Lubricant Spray for Precision Woodworking Excellence

Introducing Waxilit 22-2411 Lubricant Spray – the indispensable companion for woodworking enthusiasts. This multi-purpose sliding agent is meticulously crafted for various woodworking applications, from saws and planing machines to automatic machines and milling equipment. The easy-to-apply aerosol spray ensures convenience, especially in areas where lubrication points are challenging to reach.

Waxilit 22-2411 is silicone-free, preserving the integrity of wood post-treatment processes. It leaves no residue that could impact subsequent treatments like painting, staining, or gluing. It prevents short-term resin accumulation on tools, reducing cleaning efforts and production downtime. The immediate effectiveness of this lubricant spray makes it an economical choice, lasting longer between applications.

Upgrade your woodworking experience with Waxilit 22-2411 – a reliable, efficient, and cost-effective solution that ensures smooth operations and extends the life of your tools and machinery.

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