Water-based finishes adhere to closed and open grain substrates

The M.L. Campbell MagnaMax line of finishes now include MagnaMax H2O Pre-Catalyzed Water-Borne Pre-Cat Polyurethane.

The low-emission, VOC-compliant product is a nonflammable, Greenguard-certified formulation.

Applied with any equipment, just like MagnaMax pre-catalyzed lacquer, the company says, MagnaMax H2O readily adheres to both closed- and open-grain substrates. Then it is said to dry quickly, providing the same sanding and recoat times as many solvent-based products.

The finish mimics solvent-borne coatings by providing a warm, natural amber appearance that enhances the wood’s natural grain. The product is suitable for: kitchen and bathroom cabinets; dormitory, household and office furniture; millwork; wood flooring; and, display fixtures.

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