VS area storage system

IMA Schelling

A practical development that ensures a further leap in productivity for cutting panels to size: the Schelling area storage system makes an essential contribution toward increasing production capacities up to 100% while saving valuable time and expensive storage space at the same time.

The key to this innovation lies in the fully engineered and automated organisation of the storage system. An area of 4 to 20 m wide and up to 120 m long can be used entirely with stacks up to 2000 mm high. Longer systems and higher stacks are available on request. A trolley that reacts quickly, precisely, and saves space is feeding into/out of the stack, relocating, and loading operations. The trolley moves along travel beams and a bridge above the stack of boards. Total height of the plant: only 3680 mm.

Storing can be carried out with adaptive strategies according to the order combinations, such as – individual jobs, large batch sizes, or constantly changing production orders. The board stacks can be handled according to type, dynamically or as mixed stacks.

Since machine and storage systems come from a single source, perfect integration goes without saying. This includes simple operation and high reliability of software and technology. In short, an investment that not only pays off but also secures new profits in a short time.

Well-thought-out to the last detail, compact, and highly productive

The technical concept of the area storage system is a travel beam carrying a bridge on which a trolley with a vacuum lifting unit moves. The bridge takes over the transport in the x-axis (over the length of the storage system), the trolley in the y-axis (width of the storage system), and the scissor-type lifting system attached to it in the z-axis (height of the storage system). Impressive load speeds of 150 m/min in the x-direction, 150 m/min in the y-direction, and 60 m/min in the z-direction are achieved.

Vacuum lifting unit for all events

The vacuum lifting unit has eighteen suction units, four of which are corner suction units, and can powerfully grasp the boards. Up to six suction groups can be optionally selected for smaller board dimensions. Remainders up to a size of 1250 x 330 mm can be safely handled. The corner suction units are designed as bellows suction pads and lift the corners to separate the boards.

Rapid interplay of control, saw, storage system, and operator

The operating concept is simple and efficient: The saw and storage system can work independently of one another – even if one of the two plants is switched off. A safety fence separates the system areas.

Storage strategies for rapid handling and high use of space

The control of the Schelling area storage system permits tailored storage strategies. Besides the stack infeed and outfeed places, tailored protection board places, order pre-picking, and picking places can also be simply and quickly designated.

If the requirements change, they can be quickly and simply reassigned in the control centre. An individual strategy can be assigned to every storage place.

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