Vionaro V8


Grass introduces the world’s first 8 mm, one-piece steel drawer side – the Vionaro V8. The slimmest steel drawer side ever. The extremely slim design and the continuous rectangular shape ensure maximum space utilization. Until recently, the idea of reducing a drawer side to 8 mm and making industrial production commercially viable would have been technically unthinkable. With Vionaro V8, GRASS is turning this vision into a reality. Designed for eternity: 100% laser-welded steel. 0% plastic, 0% glue. 100% recyclable. High-tech made in Austria. German Design Award Winner 2022.

What’s really impressive with this new drawer is the machine that will produce it. The V8 machine is the only machine that can build a drawer from steel coil to finish. Highly automated; nobody else has this or can do this. 

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