Vertical SECTOR 1262 Automatic Panel Saw 


The vertical panel saw allows one-person operation from panel storage to the finished, precisely split component and impresses its smooth and ergonomic operation. With the SECTOR 1262 automatic, HOLZ-HER completes the SECTOR series and thus expands its portfolio of automatic circular panel saws with an 80 mm machine. The powerful saw motor ensures perfect cutting results with speed control and up to 9.0 kW of extreme power.

In automatic mode, the SECTOR 1262 Automatic can plunge, saw, plunge out and – depending on the selection – also return to the operator or park at the end of the machine at the push of a button. This guarantees fast cutting cycles. The range of applications of the HOLZ-HER circular panel saw can be expanded as required with original HOLZ-HER accessories, for example, with the Super Cut scoring system patented by HOLZ-HER. This works with two scoring knives that pre-score coated panel materials for tear-free edge quality. Another option is the professional Opti-Base V-Cut cut optimization software.

With the professional Opti-Base V-Cut cutting optimization feature from HOLZ-HER, you always get the best optimization results for perfect material utilization. Arranged user surface and 10” touch screen for simple, quick, intuitive operation and managing orders, material, and parts lists. The label printer for HOLZ-HER machines, which is included in the package, ensures clear parts identification.

The way to support cutting optimization

  • The optimization software for vertical panel cutting saws means you can optimize your cutting plans effortlessly.
  • Waste material is significantly reduced and professionally managed through labeling.
  • The choice is yours – you can either import the cutting plans created in your office via network connection / USB or enter them directly on the touch screen.
  • Perfect material utilization and maximum yield thanks to intelligent software.


  • Importing parts lists from various branch programs (Cabinet Control, Imos, OSD, CSV interface, etc.)
  • Writing parts lists in the office incl. Edging / Coverings / Oversize dimensions / Production sequence / etc.
  • Printing labels with all known information such as: Data Matrix Code / Com. / Dimensions / Edgings / Coverings / etc.
  • Prior optimization in the office means you can get right to work on the machine
  • The monitor provides all data and indicates all work steps.
  • Remnants are managed and booked (remnant store also completely active)
  • Programmable remnant store for panels and coverings
  • Network connectivity (machine can be integrated into the network so that all remnants are also known in the office and optimized results can be called up directly on the machine)
  • Plug and Play
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