Vertical panel saws

WeinigTwo Holz-Her vertical panel saw models have an installation area footprint from 5 m².

The manual CUT 1255 and automatic CUT 1260 version are available as special “Black Edition” models in cutting lengths of 4300 and 5,300 mm.

The cutting heights are 1900 mm or 2200 mm depending on requirements and available space, while the cutting depth is up to 60 mm.

The manual unit allows one-man operation. The horizontal cut is set via a digital display with electrical micro-adjustment.

The sawing unit is engaged at the push of a button and a pneumatic shifting grid prevents the support shelves from being damaged and displaces the support rack automatically where necessary.

The CUT 1260 can automatically dive in, saw, dive out and return to the operator at the push of a button.

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