Ven Spray One

Nicole Mihlan

As a suitable replacement or supplement to your hand-held spray booth and the growing demands for reliability and quality, Venjakob offers an exciting alternative with the new Ven Spray One model. The extra-large touch screen and the self-explanatory user interface of the control make machine operation easier. The stand-alone solution has an integrated control cabinet. This means that commissioning can be carried out quickly and easily, saving installation costs and time. The solid and inexpensive technology quickly demonstrates a user’s high-performance surface and quality result.

The entry-level model is in no way inferior to the professional range in terms of design and energy efficiency. Recipes can be stored in the system control and called up quickly and efficiently to achieve reproducible quality. The cleaning effort of the coating machine is very low; it is equipped with a paper belt transport.
With its new coating system, Venjakob would like to meet the requirements of carpenters and craft businesses. The time has come to break new ground.

All from one source: pre-treatment, coating, drying, and automation. This product offers coating solutions for all applications- customized to your specific requirements.

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