Variety of style: Chambois

Grace Tatigian

Ébénisterie Chambois is one of those companies that does it all. They cover everything from design to project management to installation; it’s a way to ensure quality from start to finish on the project. And not only do they tackle all aspects of the job, but they take on all kinds of different projects, including commercial, residential, and institutional.

“We choose special projects,” said Marcel Letourneau, president of the company. “Ones that take a lot of know-how.”

I came across Chambois a few months ago when the AWMAC Quebec finalists were announced. They were nominated for three projects: La belle et la boeuf in the restaurant category, the Rimouski Courthouse in the public project category, and Ubisoft in the corporate category. What really piqued my interest about Chambois was how varied their style was. The three projects couldn’t be more different, showing their aptitudes across architectural millwork, integrated furniture, reception counters, wood wall panels, kitchen cabinets, bathroom furniture, and more.

La Belle et Le Bœuf is a restaurant that incorporates mixology and table games. Chambois had worked with the chain before, having done the remodel of another of their locations. In the projects, Chambois matched many materials to the different spaces already in place and completed the project in a very short timeframe.

“Everything – from design to installation – had to be done in six weeks,” he explained. “The real challenge was getting all the materials in time to get the job done.”

But they managed to get all the work down within the tight deadline.

The second project we discussed was the Ubisoft project in the corporate category. In a global vision of sustainable development within the project, recycled and locally sourced materials, such as reclaimed wood planks from a dismantled barn, and assembled wood slats, allowed the production of new finished products to be limited, thus minimizing the ecological footprint of the project. The company had to harmonize several materials, many wrought metals, glass, upholstery, and numerous wood species.

Letourneau described the Ubisoft project as Avant-guard, unique, and clean-cut.

“There were a lot of architectural millwork elements and several wood species,” said Letourneau. “Everything had to look harmonious while still working mechanically and architecturally.”

The Rimouski Courthouse is the real stand-out project of their submissions to the awards. Many improvements were made to the courthouse; the courtrooms were redesigned to meet the current requirements regarding the public, administration of justice, and confidentiality, mainly in youth cases. For this project, Chambois matched several materials and wood species. It had to ensure a high level of soundproofing without affecting the final look and installation.

“It was a beautiful challenge in both the design and installation,” said Letourneau. “The suspended staircase is the central piece. It’s hanging from the ceiling; it’s unusual to do it like that.”

This was the big winner at the AWMAC awards. Not only did it win in the public project category, but it also won the “Coup de Cœur” award, where the public voted on their favourite project.

“We’ve got of a team of about 45 people, and we work well together,” he told me. “Our team works as one and aims to excel.”

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