Uneeda Soft and Hard Density Pads

A soft-density interface pad is a product made of light-weight, open-cell foam, with hook and loop attachments, that provides a very soft cushion for your abrasives. This piece is used between the sanding sheet and a hook and loop backup pad. It can be used when sanding curves and other profiles in similar applications to the pad saver, prior to finishing. The give of the foam allows the abrasive to conform to the shape of your work piece, whether that is a curved crown molding, newel post, chair leg or seat, or other item.

The hard density interface pad is made of a closed-cell foam that provides a sturdy backing, with slight flexibility. This product allows the operator to offset the sandpaper sheet from the main backup pad. The slight flexibility allows for conformity to some curvature as well.

Both products available with or without vented holes.

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