Uneeda EKADIAMOND Abrasive Sponges

Uneeda’s new EKADIAMOND abrasive sponges offer a flexible foam backing designed specifically to reduce loading and provide a cool and efficient hand-sanding experience when sanding curves, contours, moldings and complex profiles. The unique diamond shape pattern allows for faster heat dispersion and delivers a much longer lifespan than conventional abrasive sponges. Unlike conventional abrasive sponges, EKADIAMOND sponges have almost no grain shedding, which allows for a cleaner and smoother sanded surface.

The main advantages of the sponges are:

  • no grain shedding;
  • up to two times longer abrasive life;
  • minimized loading;
  • high cost/efficiency ratio.

The sponges can be used on hardwood, softwood, lacquer, particle board, metal, and composites. For more about the product, please visit www.uneeda.com.

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