Top Bathroom Trends for 2024

One of the most popular spaces to remodel is the bathroom.

So, if you want to remodel yours this upcoming year and are interested in the trends, you have come to the right place.

The spa-like retreat bathroom will continue its popularity in the next year as more people are looking to create a space that is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. Gone are the days of the purely basic spaces in the home.

Deslaurier has been designing and manufacturing customized bathroom cabinets in Ottawa and Renfrew for over four decades. We have extensive industry knowledge regarding cabinet makers and suppliers across Ontario and always keep our finger on the pulse of the latest bathroom trends.

Below, we will talk about seven of the biggest trends for 2024 and how you can incorporate them into your next bathroom renovation, whether it is just a light refresh or a full-blown remodel.


Switching to Warm Colours

All-white bathrooms that feel clinical and stark will be a thing of the past as we move into the new year.

But if you’re a big fan of neutrals, have no fear. Neutrals aren’t going anywhere, they are just transitioning to softer, warmer tones.

We will see many warm whites, creams and beige tones, mushrooms and taupes, warm browns, and camels throughout the home, including the bathroom.

Wood also makes a big comeback, with maple and white oak that can contrast beautifully when paired with the new warm neutrals.

The combination of wood elements and warmer neutrals creates a soothing space that feels naturally inspired. If your dream bathroom idea has that airy vibe, you will love this trend.

The key to working with warm neutrals is to build a colour palette that compliments your wall colour, tile, flooring and other elements and still allows you to play with pops of colour. A bathroom designer is a great resource for this and can build mood boards to articulate your vision perfectly.


Using Rich Earthy Tones

If neutral isn’t your style and you crave rich saturated colours in your space, then you will be happy to know that earthy greens and dark tones like rich rain purples and deep jewel-toned blues will be increasingly popular in 2024.

On-trend will be cabinetry and tile in these shades, giving your bathroom a rich, expensive look.

Rich earth tones are calming and grounding, lending perfectly to the spa-like bathroom feel. A little can go a long way with these colours, making it an excellent place to invest in high-quality tiles or custom cabinetry for your bathroom, making it feel even more luxe.

When bringing in rich tones, this is also a place to consider using the textiles in your bathroom to add colour and richness.

Bath towels and rugs in earthy shades can bring warmth to your room and also allow you to change the tones seasonally to reflect the change from summer to fall and autumn to winter.


Bringing in Spa-Like Elements

Bringing the spa experience into our home bathrooms has been trending for years now, but in 2024, we will see it elevated to the next level with not just the colours, textures, and spa aesthetic but also in the amenities that are incorporated.

Really taking master bathrooms to the level of luxury bathroom design will include steam showers with massaging shower heads, heated floors, soaker tubs, and even towel heaters so that you step out of your shower and into a perfectly warmed towel to wrap yourself in.

Spa-inspired elements can also be part of your decor. Adding in greenery through plants, bamboo or teak in shower seats and mats and woven baskets for toiletries, hampers, and even light shades brings that day at the spa feeling home.

These investments into the master bathroom are a fantastic way to pamper yourself and provide a great selling point for anyone who may be putting their house on the market in the future.

With bathrooms as the second most expensive home renovation to take on, buyers love this kind of upgrade.


Creating Spaces for Relaxation

We all know we run in and out of our bathrooms to prepare for our busy days or evenings out, but what about the evenings and days off when you just want to relax?

In 2024, bathrooms will increasingly be designed as spaces for relaxation and multifunctional design.

Homeowners who can add space to their current bathrooms may renovate to add luxury-size showers and soaking tubs or dedicated areas where skincare treatment fridges can be kept for application in the morning and evening.

Using large bathrooms to create that spa-like feeling can mean many different things to different homeowners, whether you crave a bubble bath and glass of wine or a shower that you can preset to exactly the right temperature while you listen to your favourite music through an in-shower audio system.

Working with a designer is a fantastic choice if you have a large space you are looking to renovate.

They can help you make the best use of the space, guide you on what amenities can give you the most bang for your buck, and allow you to achieve the bathroom of your dreams.


Thoughtful Design Choices

Homeowners are increasingly treating the bathroom as an artistic and creative space that is just as worthy of thoughtful washroom design choices as more prominent rooms of the home, like the living room or kitchen.

There was a time when bathrooms were seen as utilitarian only and sometimes as an afterthought when it came to the design of the design. That is no longer the case as dream bathrooms have flooded social media and are treated as another beautiful space to showcase your personality.

Wallpaper has seen a huge resurgence in the past few years, and fortunately, in bathrooms has become popular as advances in both the paper and the adhesive make it easy to apply and long-lasting as glues are meant to withstand humidity and papers themselves are resistant to bacteria and moulding issues.

Hand-crafted tiles on floors and shower or tub enclosures can be a great way to bring in rich colours or patterns that can be a bold focal point to the space.

Tiling can be an expensive project in a bathroom remodel, but a bathroom designer can help you pick the right tile for your budget and ensure you work with a professional installer who knows exactly what they are doing.

Using art as focal points in bathrooms is always increasingly popular.

Gallery walls, large-scale prints, and ready-to-hang art are not always a perfect addition to blank bathroom walls. It’s also key to bringing a cohesive feeling from other rooms that showcase some of your favourite art.


Decorative and Bold Lighting

If you’ve never thought about decorative lighting in a bathroom, then it is time to jump into this 2024 trend wholeheartedly.

Layering lighting in a bathroom is an effective way to add ambiance and a soothing spa-like atmosphere without sacrificing important areas like the vanity, shower, or tub being lit for safety.

An example of layered lighting in a bathroom could include recessed lighting to provide illumination to the entire space but on a dimmer to be brightened or darkened when needed.

Beautiful sconces and chandeliers in large bathrooms allow a perfect ambiance for relaxing, listening to music, or reading a book.

Lighting set to shine on plants or artwork can allow a soft glow when all other lights are off in the room, but you’d still like some illumination when people pass the space or late at night.

Thinking of lighting your bathroom in 2024 as you would a bedroom or living room will help you see the different spaces in your room that can benefit from different kinds of fixtures.


Adding Medicine Cabinets

The return of medicine cabinets is most likely an unexpected trend for many, but it is back in 2024.  That’s because homeowners today crave organization, and the medicine cabinets we see aren’t those we remember from back in the day.

You can find medicine cabinets in all shapes and sizes, with stylish features and high-quality finishes that weren’t available before.

No matter if your style is modern bathroom design and minimalist or you crave a little glitz and glamour, there are designer medicine cabinets for you.

The popularity of recessed medicine cabinets is seeing an increase in bathroom design as they allow for storage in the wall space of a bathroom while still maintaining the look of a flush mirror on the wall.

A recessed medicine cabinet can be fantastic for a space where you don’t want to have anything taking up depth in the room itself but have space behind your wall free from plumbing or electrical.



Amanda Pritchard serves as the Customer Service Manager at Deslaurier Custom Cabinetry, where she skillfully blends her passion for excellent customer relations with her extensive knowledge of custom cabinetry.





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