Top 5 Trends In Bathroom Design 

Ariane Bouchard

The humble bathroom was once a room of necessity in our otherwise busy and chaotic lives. But over the years, this functional space has transformed into a sanctuary of peace and serenity when needed.

The new focus on the importance of the bathroom environment has inspired designers and homeowners alike to rethink their decorative strategy for this space. More than ever, people want to create a relaxing, calming, Zen-like experience with their new bathroom designs. With that in mind, here are the top five trends in bathroom design materials to help create this soothing transformation.

  1. Be more artistic: Why not start by bringing more artistic influences to design this important space? For example, cabinets in a beige woodgrain with a matte finish can be artfully offset by classical fixtures and soft colours in a perfect harmony of mood and beauty.
  2. Give it a spa feel: As a room of sanctuary and tranquillity, look to create pure, clean lines with your décor with the flow of the fixtures and an uncluttered environment. Add soft white woodgrain or darker TFL panels in the synchronized texture to complete the “take me away” experience.
  3. Make a statement: Infuse the space with personality and style. Look to the latest modern trends in solid colours, like blue, combined with gold hardware that will bring drama and flair to the bathroom.
  4. Back to the classics: On the other hand, if a vintage touch feels right, a Victorian approach could be the answer. A cast iron ball and claw foot tub, vintage sink and shower paired with dramatic brown wall panels can transport bathroom visitors back to a time of surprising refinement. Bold darker colours in the bathroom are one of the top trends.
  5. Grey and white: Instead of the bolder attributes of the black and white design aesthetic, décor trends in bathrooms are leaning toward softer greys and whites. Grey wood grain panels for the vanity or linen cabinets with a muted white countertop can provide the perfect subtle contrast.

The overall return of warmer tones and accents- specifically in thermally fused and high-pressure laminates- offers designers various shades to complement the white, blue, green, and darker-coloured bathroom designs on trend today. Practically anywhere, wood accents can pair nicely with today’s vintage, modern or even industrial trends, so it’s no surprise that they’re so popular.

Ariane Bouchard is the Marketing Manager at Uniboard. She has collaborated with partners and consumers on strategic brand building, product launches, website redesign, and Omnichannel Marketing campaigns.

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