Top 10 Social Media Content Marketing Ideas

As of 2023, 94% of Canadian small businesses post on social media at least monthly, while 79% post at least weekly. A well-planned roster of digital content can significantly enhance the public face of your business. Of course, this is easier said than done—social media maintenance is a whole job unto itself. That’s why we have aggregated this top ten list of social media content ideas, courtesy of Violette Direction Marketing. These industry-relevant idea templates are flexible to be used creatively across multiple posts.

  1. Behind the Scenes Capsule Video: Capture images, in video or in photo, of your daily life at your company and present a snippet that will quickly grab the attention of your target audience. Add the link to a full video in the description of your post and invite your audience to watch it.
  2. Recent Client Project: Present a project from one of your clients on which you have collaborated. Add a brief description and direct readers to the webpage of your client or another related link (with the client’s permission, of course!)
  3. 5 Tools: Present 5 tools that you use often or every day in your business. You can do it as an enumeration with pictures or even with a video. You can also add a description of each tool if you think that would be relevant. You could even present the tools in a “staff pick” format, highlighting why you or your colleagues love a certain product.
  4. Interview: Host an interview in which you talk about your business, or an interview that introduces one of your clients.
  5. Winning Process: Present a project tutorial in which you walk your audience through the steps and best practices to get the right result for the job at hand. Condense it into a simple recipe for your customers.
  6. Special Offer: Use your social media to present special offers or promotions on products and services.
  7. DIY: Build rapport with your audience by presenting a “do it yourself” video to inspire them with ideas for projects they can do at home.
  8. Checklist: Offer a handy checklist that your customers daily can use in their lives or in connection with your business. Think about where and how your customers could benefit from streamlined task management. This is an easy way to offer a free tool to your audience and boost trust in your business practices.
  9. Upcoming Monthly Agenda: Present a monthly schedule of all the training you give or all the events where it will be possible to come and meet you to discuss and get to know your business better. A visual calendar may encourage your customers to take notice of special events and plan ahead.
  10. Animal Posts: It’s well known that pets attract attention on social media. If you have an animal at work, it’s time to give them visibility! Talk about your shop pet and their contribution to the work environment.
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