Tigersaw 1000 optimizing cut off saw


The TigerStop TigerSaw 1000 Optimizing Cut Off Saw is the perfect fully automated optimizing push feed saw station for fast and accurate cutting of wood and plastic materials. It increases yield, accuracy, and productivity at the best value point in the industry, offering uncompromising quality. Available with a wide range of pusher options, you can configure the saw for your specific needs. Its onboard Dynamic Optimization software will automatically calculate the best cutting order to minimize scrap waste.

Improved Cutting Accuracy

With +/- 0.012” cutting accuracy, you can ensure your output is exact every time. This greatly reduces wasted time with re-cuts while also eliminating costly defects.

Improved Yields

Dynamic Optimization™ software comes standard and automatically determines the best yield from your cut list. Improved material yield saves money and reduces waste. It allows operators to optimize perfectly because TigerSaw 1000 is doing the math.

Drop A Grade Of Lumber With Crayon Defect Marking

Operators use a UV Crayon to mark defects in the material. TigerSaw 1000 cuts around those defects and optimizes the clear material while cutting parts. When defecting and optimizing in-house, shops can downgrade to lower-cost lumber and retain the same high quality. See your lumber bill shrink with TigerSaw 1000.

Process Pack/Bundles

Cutting bundles dramatically increases throughput (i.e., cutting ten parts at once increases production tenfold). TigerSaw 1000’s adjustable cutting envelope can accommodate pack sizes from 6in x 6in to 1in x 16in envelopes, and the HeavyDuty 2 can push loads up to 2,100 lbs.

5-Piece Door Panel Optimization

Processing random width lumber for seamless panel glue-up is difficult and time-consuming. Using TigerSaw 1000’s Dynamic Optimization, you can process panel lists optimized for width.

  • Available in working lengths of 8’ to 108’
  • Extensive Guarding + Fully Enclosed Blade
  • Adjustable Cutting Envelope
  • Dynamic Optimization™ Software
  • Advanced Dust Collection
  • Simulation & Statistics Reporting
  • Pack/Bundle Optimization
  • Five Piece Door Panel Optimization
  • Turn Random Width Parts Into Parts Ready for Glue Up
  • Flooring Optimization™ Software
  • Push Feed up to 2,100 lbs using HeavyDuty 2
  • TigerLink six Cut List Downloading software
  • Download Patterns
  • Three-Phase Power: 208V, 230V, 480V
  • Fully Automatic
  • Crayon Defect Marking
  • Powerful 10 HP saw motor
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