Three’s A Crowd: Huppé Meubles Welcomes New Owners

The Québec company, Huppé Meubles, started off the new year with a few fresh faces. The enterprise welcomed three new owners, Joël Dupras, Julie St-Arnaud, and Antoine Cantin. The trio replaced the company’s previous president, Jean- François Nolin, who led Huppé Meubles for almost 13 years. Nolin advanced the development of several projects that boosted sales and enhanced the company’s reputation.

The brand’s product line includes a variety of wood types including oak, birch, lacquer for qs walnut bookcases, dressers, coffee and center tables, work desks, walk-in closets, chairs and counter stools and sideboards. One of the limited edition wood products in the Huppé Meubles selection is the “Ray Limited Edition Bar” which is made of American black walnut and adorned with a solid brass lock and hardware. The bar was created in honour of the company’s “50th Anniversary”.

As with all journeys, however, Nolin’s has come to a close and he eagerly welcomed in his replacements. “I chose to sell to Joël, Julie, and Antoine because, in addition to complementing each other perfectly thanks to their respective expertise, I know that they will continue the “vibe” of Huppé both with our team in place, and with customers and partners. They share the company’s values ​​and understand the dynamics of the market and our customers. They have a great complementarity that will continue to ensure the success of the company over the years. In addition, Huppé will remain in Victoriaville and will continue to contribute to the economic development of the region,” he explained.

A New Year and the Beginning of A New Legacy for Huppé Meubles

Dupras was a previous shareholder of Huppé since 2016, while St-Arnaud was employed by the business from 2011 to 2015 and Cantin was the former director of accounts at the National Bank. Dupras and St-Arnaud have a number of years and dedication to the enterprise under their belt that they bring to the table. Both are committed to company growth and its repositioning to trend upwards in relation to innovation while reducing the impact on the management team. St-Arnaud and Cantin will take over their offices at the end of February and the trio is eager to begin discussing and implementing new strategies and projects.

Huppé Meubles made a notable name for itself by making durable cedar chests in Canadian homes in 1967.

50 years onwards, the company’s products have certainly changed in terms of quality, style, and design. Each piece of furniture goes through a meticulous process that consists of 20 production stages before being sold to the client. Huppé begins by assembling the product with a combination of glue and screws, upholsters the furniture piece then prepares it for delivery. Located in Victoriaville, Québec, the brand has gained nationwide recognition for its distinguished residential furniture to beautify any home.

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