ThermalWood Canada’s B2B Presence Results in Doubled Sales

ThermalWood Canada, located in Bathurst, NB, offers high-quality thermally modified wood products for various indoor and outdoor applications.

Their thermal modification process can be applied to all wood species following the parameters governed by the Thermowood Association. They have processed a variety of species but specialize in hardwoods.

What really differentiates ThermalWood different is its approach to B2B marketing. 

In the last three years, they have published over 160 videos on their YouTube channel. Their weekly “Northern Heat Report” shares stories of fascinating individuals and organizations who are also turning up the heat in their own unique way. These videos have helped them gain an audience of approximately 5100 followers on Facebook.

The results of this growth? They’re on track to double their sales for the previous fiscal year.

Their success led them to focus on Gair Maxwell’s most recent Leaders & Legends article on B2B marketing.

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