The WALLTEQ M-300 multifunction bridge by WEINMANN

The WALLTEQ M-300 multifunction bridge by WEINMANN is a versatile and precise CNC-controlled solution designed for the house construction industry. It’s an ideal entry-level machine that offers a gateway to automation in timber frame construction. This multifunction bridge boasts an intuitive powerTouch operation concept, making it user-friendly and easily manageable.

Equipped with a robust 13.2 kW spindle, the machine features a manual tool change function that smoothly transitions between a saw, marker, and trimmer. The sawing unit ensures accurate and rapid processing, with a cutting depth reaching up to 80 mm and an integrated suction technology for saw protection.

Moreover, the WALLTEQ M-300 excels in precision movement of insulation plates, guided by a digital interface that communicates with CAD systems to transfer the necessary data for insulation tasks. This ensures precise fitting within framework compartments.

Its compact design requires minimal space, while the quick tool changer and smart functions elevate its flexibility. The machine can handle a variety of tasks including trimming, sawing, stapling, marking, and nailing with unparalleled precision. Capable of crafting door and window openings and recesses for sockets, the WALLTEQ M-300 stands out as a comprehensive solution for those looking to modernize and streamline their construction processes.

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