The Spring 2024 Issue is Out!

Hello Industry Partners,

Welcome to the Spring 2024 issue of Wood Industry magazine, where we explore the multifaceted theme of wood finishing. This edition is dedicated to uncovering the latest advancements, sharing strategic insights, and presenting narratives that collectively enrich our understanding and practices within the woodworking, and specifically wood finishing, industry.

You can find a digital version of the complete issue here.

In Sanding to Perfection: Achieving a Fine Finish, Robert Philips from Akhurst Machinery guides us through the process of achieving a finely finished product. Philips sheds light on traditional and modern methodologies of sanding, emphasizing the significance of choosing the appropriate equipment and techniques to achieve desired outcomes.

The narrative of Jeco Inc. with owner Jim Carrigan offers a case study in the strategic application of lean manufacturing principles and the pivotal role of technology in the wood finishing industry. The story highlights the importance of strategic foresight and the integration of skilled craftsmanship with automation to maintain a competitive edge. It provides a lens through which we can view the evolving landscape of our industry, encouraging a reflection on our own practices and how those business strategies fit into the future of the industry.

Beyond The Surface: Unraveling the Secrets of High-Quality Wood Finishes by Jakub Stachurski, bridges the gap between past traditions and current possibilities in wood finishing. Stachurski’s personal journey complements a broader discussion on the critical role of finishing in enhancing both the aesthetic and functional value of wood products. His perspective invites us to consider how investments in finishing technologies and materials can serve as key differentiators in today’s market.

This issue also features insightful columns that address the wider implications of our work. Building a Culture of Clarity by Amrita Bhogal from Sunrise Kitchens and Lighthouse Cabinetry: Quality Driven, Backed by Lean by Sandra Wood, Executive Director of the CKCA, explore the impact of organizational culture and process optimization on innovation and growth.

Aging & Living in Place by Lucy Traetto from Blum and Are Woodworking Professionals Jeopardizing Their Project Certifications? by David Smith, President of Garnica’s NA Division, confront the ethical and societal challenges we face, urging a commitment to sustainability and inclusivity in our practices.

In this issue, as a peak under the surface of wood finishing, we underscore the critical role of attention to detail in achieving superior results. It reminds us of a simple truth: “it’s about how you finish.” With this collection of articles, we aim to celebrate the precision and commitment essential to our industry.

Thank you for your continued support of Wood Industry magazine. We encourage you to share your successes and challenges with us, joining a community dedicated to excellence in every layer of the business side of woodworking.

Until next time, stay dedicated, stay inspired.

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