The Secrets of a Stylish and Well-Organized Closet


Re-organizing a cluttered closet can feel like a Sisyphean task: a couple days or weeks later – depending on the kind of person you are – and you’re already facing chaos. But with a little thought about the items’ placement, the people they are meant for, and organization, the chore might become something to look forward to.

Richelieu Hardware, says when designing a closet, it is important to have specific spaces for individual, as well as consideration of each customer’s different daily routines and levels of messiness, in mind.

Undergarments and socks, for example, as well as folded items should be kept in drawers, which can be installed in the center of the space to separate sides if the closet will be shared with a significant other. Some deep drawers can be included for bulkier items, or you can opt for slide-out baskets, offering the customers a spacious feel, which are great for storing hats and purses.

A row of double hanging rods for blouses, shirts, skirts and pants, maximizes the floor-to-ceiling space while longer items such as dresses and suits, benefit from longer hanging sections. Corners can be great for this purpose and adding shelving above the rods will further increase storage. This is also a great place to include belt and tie racks so they can be easily reached.

Consider the height of the person using the space and their mobility level to determine the best height for each closet rod. Pull-out pant and skirt racks, and valet rods, make storage space more efficient. Shelves are for folded clothing, shoes, and accessories.


Valet rods

A valet rod is quite useful for hanging up outfits; some people do this with a doorknob, but a valet rod keeps clothes from touching the floor. It is also a great place to hang dry-cleaning. A sliding valet rod is concealed in the cabinet when not in use.


Pull-out belt, tie and scarf racks

Hanging ties on a pull-out rack will help with the selection process and keep them looking their best. Belt and scarf pull-out racks also help keep these items organized and well maintained.


Pull-out pant/skirt racks

Pull-out pant/skirt racks allow people to easily create a triple hanging section, maximizing their storage. The pull-out slide gives full access to pants, and help with personal organization, since all the pants and skirts are in one place.


Pull-out shoe racks and shoe rails

Pull-out shoe racks bring the shoes out into the open while shoe rails prevent shoes from toppling over on their shelves. Both options work well for keeping shoes off the floor and neatly displayed.


Additional practical solutions

When planning a closet space, consider colours, style and hardware that will evoke a sense of calm, and look for features and accessories that add style and efficiency. Some of the many options available include drawers to tuck away your belongings, double hanging shelves that maximize storage space, movable shelving for organizing shoes, purses and folded items, a hamper to keep laundry at bay, as well as pull-out racks to keep pants, belts, ties and scarves in order.

Other secret items can be helpful, like fold-out ironing boards, a practical solution for quickly pressing clothes before getting dressed; pull-out tables, convenient for quickly folding freshly-laundered clothes and putting them away; hideaway hampers, whether pull-out or tilt-out, to keep worn clothes in one place; and full-length mirrors that slide out and pivot to help make wardrobe decisions easier.


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