The Power of Texture in Closets

Ariane Bouchard

Closets are taking on a more substantive role in home décor. We see images of opulent celebrity closets on TV, but more regular people are rethinking the role of the closet in their lives. New, larger walk-ins allow cabinets, display shelves, and hanging areas to beautifully display wardrobe options as we plan an outfit for work or that special event. A well-designed closet removes the need for clunky, distracting dressers and shoe wardrobes so the bedroom can be a place of relaxation and serenity.

Today’s more functional closets call attention to design factors such as the power of textures to create a unique play of pattern and light. Adding visual weight, dimension, and balance to an interior design scheme is easy. The surface of a closet’s panels has optical and sensory properties. Combining imaginative textures with a strong closet design can create a dynamic and appealing environment.

Perhaps the greatest appeal of wood is its texture, with unique swirls, grains, and knotholes reflecting nature’s beauty. Some customers write off Thermally Fused Laminate Panels (TFL) as an option because they associate it with the characterless white panels of Ikea furniture. But thanks to an innovative synchronization process that presses a wood pattern into the surface, it can have the rich texture and feel of “real” wood without the expense, making it ideal for closet design.

Some other great reasons to appreciate the power of textures in closets include:

  • Practicality: Closets can be designed to maximize available space, but textures bring an air of exceptional quality that goes beyond essential practicality.
  • Personality: Textures can be used to fit a unique personal style. The particular texture chosen for a closet can determine how that space feels. Textures can create a soothing and comfortable environment, rustic atmosphere, or classy ambiance.
  • Possibilities: TFL opens up the options for closet design because of its functionality, durability, and cost-effectiveness. Different light levels can bring a three-dimensional look that is both subtle and impressive.

A wide selection of textures incites the imagination to create even more astonishing woodgrain designs. Synchronized textures offer various options that pack a powerful punch in closet textures. Take advantage of these modern trends in synchronized textures to create a stunning closet environment.

Ariane Bouchard is the Marketing Manager at Uniboard. She has collaborated with partners and consumers on strategic brand building, product launches, website redesign, and Omnichannel Marketing campaigns.

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