The Path and Thoughts of Furniture Designer Alexandre Cecchi

Marie-Julie Chaput

Alexandre Cecchi is a woodworker and furniture designer from Belgium, now living in Quebec. Through his thoughts and works, he shares his vision of art and contributes, in his own way, to the beauty of the world. Since 2018, Cecchi has been drawing, designing, and manufacturing his own furniture. Putting his technical and artistic skills to good use, it’s a dream come true.

An unusual learning path

Cecchi was born into a Belgian family of Italian-Dutch origin. After high school, he entered the European Training Institute of the Companions of the Tour de France (IEF-CTF) to study traditional woodworking. He then traveled around France for eight years to work in various renowned workshops and to train with well-established cabinetmakers.

This companionship is an unusual apprenticeship that began during the construction of the first cathedrals in France. The master taught the apprentices his knowledge so that these exceptional works, sometimes requiring more than 200 years for their construction, could be built. This tradition has been perpetuated from generation to generation until today. It allows the young people who start today on the Tour de France to ask essential questions, acquire a lot of specialized knowledge, and develop invaluable human qualities. 

For Cecchi, these years were deeply significant and enriching. To contribute to this long chain of transmission, he invested himself in managing this association for several years. Since his move to Quebec in 2017 to join the Ébéniste d’art workshop, he offers young woodworkers the opportunity to deepen their training across the Atlantic by working alongside him.

A distinctive approach to the craft

According to Cecchi, a great woodworker is, above all, a great technician. Someone who masters the technique and knows how to systematically use the right methods depending on the work to be done. Since Cecchi only offers unique pieces, each piece of furniture is different and has its own challenges. At all times, he gives his all to meet them as perfectly as possible.

Of course, Cecchi’s extensive technical knowledge allows him to give free rein to his creativity. He can sketch ambitious curves, define harmonious volumes and select the best materials without worrying about assembling them. By constantly refining his art and science, Cecchi follows traditional French woodworking footsteps while undeniably standing out as a furniture designer. 

The creative process

Behind each work, there are many hours of conception, reflection, and research to arrive at a coherent project. The starting point can be a specific request from clients or a carte blanche. The emphasis is on aesthetics, creativity, and harmony.

Once the design is attractive, Cecchi engages in technical design. At this stage, it is a question of materializing the original idea in the most perfect way possible. For him, the travel from the 2D plan to a 3D work, made of tangible matter, contains an element of magic.

Once finished, the work is delivered with a certificate of authenticity and carefully installed at the client’s home.

When furniture becomes art

One only has to look at Cecchi’s creations to understand how he sublimates wood and the craft of cabinet making. Each piece is unique, intriguing, and of timeless class. Art enthusiasts and collectors alike will benefit from discovering the world Cecchi offers. 

He believes that when people buy a piece, they are buying a period in the artist’s life. They are buying concerns. They buy a lot of thoughts. They are also buying years of learning and experience. Finally, they are buying, eventually, a share in the concept of perfection.

 And you, will you be charmed?

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