The new breed

WI0315-00021-dsg notum-loresWintersteiger calls the new DSG Notum its “next generation” of frame saws. Features include a magazine for continuous feed of wood blocks; a double planer; and a touch-screen display. The electrically controlled down-pressure system makes set-up easy and fast. The symmetrical saw frame puts continuous, even pressure on the saw blades for consistent precision. Cutting height of 30 to 266 millimetres, and cutting width of 60 to 162 millimetres. With a re-engineered design, individual saw blades on the Notum can be quickly replaced. A spraying system coats saw blades with a biological anti-stick agent to prevent resinous sawdust from building up. As well, an air jet continuously blows compressed air directly into the cutting area and keeps sawdust from building up.


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