The Holz-Her Auriga 1308 XL Edgebander

The Holz-Her Auriga 1308 XL Edgebander is a highly automated and efficient edgebanding machine, boasting a high degree of automation with state-of-the-art servo-axes for setup without opening the machine hood. Its compact design allows it to fit into small spaces, ideal for workshops with limited space. The machine features the patented Glu Jet application system for perfect edge appearance, creating professional edgebanding and invisible joints. It offers intelligent automation through the iTronic system, including adaptive trimming blades, automatic glue quantity control, and an automatic cleaning routine for PUR glue. The Auriga 1308 XL also features a user-friendly Edge Control system with a 21.5″ touch screen monitor for easy operation and setup. Additional finishing units such as a pressure unit, pneumatic trimming unit, cutter units with high-speed NC servo-axes, flat scrapers, a buffing unit, and spraying devices ensure a high-quality finish. This edgebander is designed to work with a variety of materials, ensuring precision and reliability for a wide range of edgebanding needs.

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