Felderʼs Preventative Contact System (PCS) prevents accidents at the speed of light.

Every woodworker (and woodworking company) has ten good reasons not to compromise when it comes to working safety – PCS prevents accidents and assures dexterity and a quality handshake forever!

The system is amazing. No one else has anything comparable to the system. It acts without being touched, it drops down at light speed without causing any damage, and the customer can restart the machine right away.
Robert Tratter, Head of R&D at the Felder Group

Today, all state-of-the-art saws and panel saws need to have standard safety equipment such as a splitter and an overhead saw guard in accordance with the applicable Ontario Health and Safety accident prevention regulations. For some years, there has also been a technical solution that largely prevents cuts due to instant blockage of the saw blade, but it destroys the saw and unit. The consequential costs for the repair are the price that you have to pay for saving one or more fingers. Until now, because there is a better way:

  • If the system detects movement past a certain threshold – which surrounds the saw blade and protects against access from all directions – a safety lowering mechanism is triggered. The system lowers the saw blade below the circular saw bench a few milliseconds after a risk detection. Its extremely fast response time is possible thanks to the principle of electromagnetic repulsion, says Felder.
  • The safety lowering mechanism does not cause any damage to the blade or incur extra costs. And the table saw will be ready for reuse at the push of a button.
  • The PCS system doesn’t feature any wear parts – avoiding the need to adjust or maintain anything beyond regular machine maintenance.

1. Surveillance of danger zone with advance approach detection.

In the case of an unexpected fast approach in the saw blade area the PCS drop-down safety feature is triggered. The area of protection encloses the saw blade and prevents access from any direction.

2. Accident prevention in a matter of milliseconds.

After detecting the risk of an accident, PCS triggers the retraction of the saw blade under the table in few milliseconds. The method used on the electromagnet repulsion principle enables a never before achieved ultra-fast action time.

3. Immediately ready for use again.

The Panel saw with the PCS retraction is ready for use again at the touch of a button and does not require additional attention or cleaning cycles.


Felderʼs Preventative Contact System is available on the Kappa 550 Emotion
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