The Closed Loop Collection

An essential piece of furniture doesn’t mean you need to choose something mundane. A recent collaboration between EFFYDESK, a leading provider of ergonomic office furniture, and ChopValue, a designer and manufacturer of circular economy products made entirely of recycled chopsticks, produced the TerraDesk. This sustainable furniture solution is just as durable and fits perfectly into their ergonomic standing desks product collection. The beautiful Butcher Block tabletop provides warm, natural tones that will pair perfectly with any interior office design style.

With EFFYDESK and ChopValue’s successful initial collaboration of the TerraDesk, an eco-friendly height adjustable desk made from 10,854 chopsticks, they have teamed up to expand their work-and-learn line with the Closed Loop Collection. The new collection is being launched in time for next year’s back-to-school season. This promises to be a beautiful and innovative line of sustainable home office furniture.

EFFYDESK owner Dickson Lam has a passion for helping serial sitting-down desk users transition to a healthier and ergonomic lifestyle. He has helped thousands of offices in Canada take a stand and be mindful of your physical and mental health while working for several hours a day. With such success over a short period, EFFYDESK is now motivated to give back and take a greener approach.

The Closed Loop Collection is thoughtfully designed to create a highly productive and comfortable work environment. The collection features a new rolling cabinet equipped with lockable casters and fully extendable drawers to organize any workspace and a footrest designed to relieve fatigue and foot tension caused by long days at the desk.

“We are proud to challenge the status quo of our industry, which has always categorized materials as either being good for the planet or high performance, but never both,” said Lam. “Our latest partnership with Felix and the ChopValue team further demonstrates our ongoing commitment to support eco-friendly materials for a more sustainable future.”

The TerraDesk proudly features an innovative engineered material that is handcrafted through an entirely carbon-negative process. This means you are storing more carbon than the entire process creates, making this desk not only beautiful but great for the planet. Made by micro-factory, ChopValue’s local factory serves the community by using locally available resources to minimize environmental and carbon footprints. The engineered materials are uniformly created by heat, steam, and pressure and use a water-based performance resin from the automotive industry. It’s fully recyclable, end-of-life, and non-toxic — an environmental option and state-of-the-art when it comes to engineering. No two tabletops are the same. The process of the expert craftsmanship involved allows for variation in each piece, making each desk one of a kind.

“We are thrilled to be collaborating again with EFFYDESK, and to be able to provide them with sustainable material alternatives to what is conventionally available,” said Felix Böck, Founder and CEO of ChopValue. “Making the circular economy the new norm is something that no brand can create alone, and we’re thankful to Dickson and his team for sharing our vision.”

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