Tafisa’s Sommet Series

Tafisa’s Sommet Series represents the pinnacle of decorative panel design, blending innovation with natural aesthetics. Each panel in the series is distinct, offering a unique touch to interior spaces:

FERIA™: Captures the essence of hickory, known for its lightness and durability. It features warm, varied grains and colors, evoking a sense of movement and rhythm​​.

BRAVA™: Inspired by the timeless elegance of teak, this texture leaves a lasting impression with its rich cathedral motifs, embodying a striking and memorable appearance​​.

VIVA™: The first in the series, showcasing a butternut texture and woodgrain structure, offering elegance and refinement. This texture is born from a rare wood species, reflecting Tafisa’s commitment to innovative and character-rich designs​​.

Each panel boasts a 2-sided embossed and in-register texture (EIR), with micro-precision synchro registration, available in two sizes: 4’ x 8’ and 5’ x 9’​​. The Sommet Series exemplifies Tafisa’s leadership in design, catering to a range of interior applications with its unique textures and colors.

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