SuperCut 500K


The Salvador SuperCut High-Speed Optimizing Saw results from over 30 years of technological innovations in wood manufacturing. With standard features including a toothed belt advancing system for increased control and precision, a powerful infeed motor for maximum productivity, and an easy-to-use industrial windows operating system, Salvador’s SuperCut series ensures manufacturers of all sizes get the most out of every cut.

The electronic brushless motor is operated using numerical control based on the cross-cutting section, weight, and shape of the workpiece to enable rapid acceleration and deceleration during the infeed process. Innovative photocells read each workpiece to ensure full optimization.

  • Six idle, large-diameter pneumatic pressing wheels (3 couples) apply even top pressure
  • Infeed side wheel helps ensure proper alignment.
  • Three hardened drive rollers with teeth are synchronized with the infeed belt conveyor; workpiece movement is driven from the top and the bottom at the same time.
  • 118 mm diameter
  • 150 mm width
  • Chemically and thermally treated for superior longevity.

The pneumatic lifting and descending of each toothed roller is regulated by computer numeric control based on the thickness of each workpiece. The cylinders are reinforced with special steel plates to guarantee a long life and duplicated to accommodate a wide variety of wood thicknesses.

  • Feed motor: 18 Nm
  • Feeding speed: 0-150 m/min
  • Electronic air jet system manages small waste.
  • An air tank manages a plant air supply absence caused by external factors

Numerical control enables programming for variable cutting lengths to optimize sorting processes. Three high-speed ejectors have three sliding guides for each one — the appropriate kicker eject workpieces with specific measurements from various conveyors’ positions. Longer pieces can be ejected by two kickers firing at the same time. Waste pieces are collected at the end of the conveyor.

  • Double photocell system reads the workpiece.
  • The belt is driven centrally by a trapezoidal strip.
  • Large-diameter rollers have a long life.
  • Motor: 1.5 HP
  • Speed: 140 m/min
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