Summer Magazine Stats & Facts

Grace Tatigian

Each magazine features a section of stats and facts relating to our industry. Check out this information from our Summer magazine.

  1. An average price increase of 13% was passed along to consumers in 2021, and an additional 13% is in store for 2022.
    Source: National Kitchen and Bath Association
  2. 98% of retailers said vendors raised prices in Q4 and 40% said prices on wood goods were the most common to increase.
    Source: National Kitchen and Bath Association
  3. Sales of wood products rose 6.5% to $4.1 billion in January, the fifth consecutive monthly increase driven by higher prices.
    Source: Statistics Canada 
  4. Kitchen and bath revenues are expected to grow by 19% for the second straight year.
    Source: National Kitchen and Bath Association
  5. Prices of lumber and other sawmill products increased by 14.6%.
    Source: Statistics Canada
  6. 38 Canadian companies were within the top 300 woodworking firms in North America
    Source: FDMC Top 300 List
  7. Wood product manufacturing contributed 24.2% to total manufacturing sales in January in BC.
    Source: Statistics Canada
  8. 87% would be more loyal to a company that contributes to social and environmental issues
    Source: Nielsen Global Survey of Corporate Social Responsibility
  9. Journeypersons with one year experience have a median employment income of $60,450.
    Source: Statistics Canada
  10. Overall cabinet sales increased 11.7% for January 2022 compared to January 2021.
    Source: Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association
  11. Fuel price has become the most significant cost concern for 64% of small businesses.
    Source: Canadian Federation of Independent Business
  12. Canadian manufacturers have lost $10.5 billion in sales from disruptions in the supply chain.
    Source: Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters
  13. 50.8% of Canadian manufacturing businesses have reported recruiting qualified employees as their biggest challenge.
    Source: Statistics Canada 
  14. Factories and other industrial users ordered 39,708 robots, representing a 28% increase from 2020.
    Source: Association for Advanced Automation
  15. 60% of kitchen designers said their project sizes grew in Q4 of 2022.
    Source: National Kitchen and Bath Association
  16. 53.2% of manufacturing businesses expect difficulty acquiring inputs, products, or supplies domestically.
    Source: Statistics Canada
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