Submissions Open for IDC Student Competition

The Innovation in Design Thinking: IDC Student Competition will be returning in 2023. Students can now apply for the competition online until April 28, 2023, at 12 P.M. ET. Each year, IDC holds this event to recognize the innovation of the design process and the new generation of student designers creating design projects for different industries. It presents a national platform for Canadian interior design students to showcase and be proud of their work.

Design adds value to the lives of so many Canadians. Having a platform that acknowledges that provides so much hope for current and future interior designers. Most creators are trained to use their design processes to help them understand who they’re designing for and why.


Submission Details 


Entries to the competition can be concepts or innovative ideas at any scale for any industry. All submissions must effectively communicate the intention of the project and what it will bring to the individuals, businesses, or society the design is for. All projects must be submitted by an IDC student or an interior design school coordinator. The IDC Student Competition is open to all IDC under-graduate students and graduate students in Canada. Any submission should include:

  • Applicant’s identification details
  • Interior design school and their program information
  • Information about the design concept
  • Images of the project (maximum of four)

Winners will be selected by an independent group of judges and there is no fee for submission.

Judging Process

Judging occurs in two phases with Phase One having the judges evaluate each submission and creating a list of potential winners. Phase Two has the judges review all short-listed entries to choose the winner based on the criteria established. The total score is based on the design concept, design approach, design challenges, and value of the design.

IDC student applicants will be honoured at an awards event in Fall of 2023. All winning projects will be featured on the IDC website, promoted in the newsletter, and on social media platforms. Apply to the IDC Student Competition at:

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