SU/SB Series Top and Bottom Widebelt Sander


The Cantek SU/SB Series Top and Bottom Widebelt Sander is designed for in-line or stand-alone operations. Suitable for double-sided processing solid wood or sealer sanding applications is built to exacting standards to sand multiple surfaces generally in one pass to achieve outstanding results with maximum efficiency. The SU/SB Series is available with multiple configurations with 1-4 sanding units and widths of 24″, 36″, 43″, and 51″. Sanding units can be rubber or steel contact drums, combination sanding units (drum/platen), or wire brush heads for distressing. In addition, the machine can be configured with a spiral insert knife cutter head for a planer sander combination.

  • Constant pass line allows for in-line integration to a sanding or finishing line or for use with conveyor systems.
  • Double-sided processing greatly reduces the processing times and increases productivity.
  • Heavy-duty machine frames and sanding units for optimum sanding results.
  • Wide range of configurations available to suit your production needs.
  • User-friendly controls for fast setups and changeovers between various jobs and sanding grits.
  • Variable feed speed by frequency inverter for optimum stock removal to finish ratio.
  • Heavy-duty pressure shoes with hard chrome plating for superior part hold down.
  • Electronic belt tracking.
  • Disc brakes for the sanding heads.
  • High-quality conveyor belt with superior grip and durability.
  • Quick-release outboard supports for fast belt changes.
  • Panel cleaning brush with built-in dust port.
  • Safety interlock switches on access doors.
  • Pneumatic disc brakes for stopping the sanding heads.
  • Safety doors for emergency stop (two doors for SU, one door for SB).
  • Electrics with CSA or UL components. Main disconnect switch to CSA.
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